Interactive Dual Dog Tug Toy / Tug Rope Dog

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Color: MultiColored


  • INTERACTIVE FUN: Designed for playing tug of war with dogs, this patented twin tug knotted rope dog toy is finished with a handle for improved grip, keeping hands clean and comfortable during pulling games
  • SAFE and NON-TOXIC: Made from premium North American Cotton-poly yarns finished with sturdy knots and a durable rubber handle, these Mammoth colorful dog pull toys are safe, durable and tough toys for dogs
  • TOSS, TUG, FLOSS: This dog chew toy is great for easy dog teeth cleaning, naturally supporting your pup’s oral health – the fibers in the twisted tugs floss dogs’ teeth as they chew and play
  • SMALL DOG TUG TOY: Great for small dogs, this is a Small 16-Inch tug toy for dogs weighing 15-30lbs We recommend choosing larger dog toys for aggressive chewers or for heavier dogs
  • MAMMOTH PET PRODUCTS: Your pets deserve the best Mammoth Pet Products has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of premium dog toys for all breeds and sizes since 1995

Package Dimensions: 18x424x340

Details: Small 16-Inch Color Twin Tug with Rubber Handle. Made from premium cottonblend rope fibers. Rope fibers floss dogs’ teeth as they chew and play. Mammoth Patent design. A tug shape creating interactive play. Includes a rubber handle making it great for tug-of-war. Great for small dogs.

UPC: 746772200735

10 reviews for Interactive Dual Dog Tug Toy / Tug Rope Dog

  1. Christine P.

    My 95lb German Shepherd finally doesn’t win the tug-of-war game against me (a 130lb female) anymore! My hand would get too painful on plain rope, or I’d get grossed out by grabbing a slobber-saturated patch. Now with this handle, I’m the strong Alpha pack leader 🙂

  2. Holzbacher’d

    Perfect. Just like described. Highly recommended

  3. MizTree

    This is a good solid tug toy at a decent price. My standard poodle loves to play tug with me and instantly knew what to do with this toy. These tug toys with the plastic handle are the best if you have any arthritis in your hands, and this style is not very common, so I was very happy to find it here.IMO this is not a toy that your dog should play with unsupervised, it is meant to be used for playing and interacting with a human.

  4. A. Wade

    This is my doggie’s favorite toy. It’s for strong chewers and great for tugging & fetching. The handle grip is easier on my wrists than a regular rope toy.

  5. PipsGirl

    This item is HUGE! Much larger than I was expecting from the picture.Our yorkie (medium sized, 23-25 lbs) actually can’t figure out how to get a grip on it.Our 145 lb mastiff however, has no problems.Based on our history when she was smaller with letting her have rope toys unattended, we put this away when not actively engaging in a tug with her. She’s so sad when I put it in a drawer. (She would destroy and eat the strings. Some would come out – but it made me worried they would cause a gastric issue/emergency).Handle is so great! I can fit both my hands around it and brace myself in a squat as she tugs. Otherwise you get one hand on it and your arm out of a socket.

  6. Pinoymutt

    For some reason most of the local pet stores don’t carry the “medium” size of a twin tug rope for our 30lb. Boston Terrier.He loves playing tug-of-war with these ropes and has torn up a few of them over the past several years.The quality of this one is very nice, and the rubber handle is quite sturdy if you have a pup with strong jaws like ours. Overall a great buy and definitely recommended if you have a “puller” in the house!

  7. Amazon Customer

    Not bad. My dog is big and loves to chew and I’ve had a large braided rope before for him that lasted a year. This one I don’t see lasting any longer than a few months but for $10 can’t really complain. Keeps him away from the shoes and stuffed animals at least

  8. Heather Szoka

    My pups love it. Amazing for the price. We have 2 giant breed dogs and one medium dog. Their fav toys are rope. This rope has proved tough and durable. It is easily just as good as one of our more expensive ropes!

  9. .HL.

    I bought this for my Labrador Retriever as a Christmas gift, he loves it! The only complaint I would have is that our dogs would rather chew the rubber handle off of the toy, than chew on the rope. This toy would best be made without the rubber handle. Other than that, it’s great!I should also note, that it’s huge! They weren’t kidding about it being a “mammoth” product! …But it’s perfect!

  10. Kristin A. Crass

    Great product – durable rubber on the rope for the dog as well would be a nice feature – but still a great value.

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